Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yesterday the stock market dropped 500+ points (although today shows signs of a rebound). And?

Here's the deal, as I see it. First, the "greed is good" attitude has been prevalent since 1997 or before and I don't think any government regulations could have stopped it. Clinton and Bush both were getting total credit for the orgy - but I honestly don't think either of them had a whole lot to do with it. I think free markets are cyclical. I also think that trying to "tamp down" those markets is a huge mistake. We have a free market economy. Was that real money lost? Yes, for some people. That's why it's called a gamble, folks! From my point of view, if I thought I had enough money to do it, I'd have my happy ass on the phone buying stock right now while it's lower!

Second, even while our economy was clicking along on all cylinders, the morons of the mainstream media were actively rooting for an economic downturn, to the point that they actually generated it. There are many reasons to detest the so-called mainstream media idiots - this is just another one of their many sins. Does anyone but me recognize that we STILL have not fulfilled the criteria for an actual recession, despite the fact that the news media has been proclaiming one to exist for over 5 years? Reality check, people!

Third, that pipsqueak Chicago pol's campaign is bringing out a new group of bumper stickers that basically say "you name the religion" for Obama. Folks, I am a Catholic. I have paid attention to Senator Obama's positions carefully before making any hard-and-fast decision about my choice in November. I will grant you I did the examination early on and made a lightning quick decision to support Senator McCain - but I DID give Obama's opinions - what he has allowed us to know of them - and his voting record some scrutiny. He is pro-abortion to the point that I think he would consider an abortion okay, even if it happened 12 seconds before the child's mother went into labor! Sorry, fella! That puts me right off you in perpetuity!

I am not what would traditionally be considered a values voter. I'm actually pretty tolerant. But killing the unborn isn't something about which I am ever going to be tolerant. It's murder to me, plain and simple. No equivocation or attempting to "nuance" my opinion (which has worked so well for Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden - just ask the total of 40 bishops that have condemned their stance).

I suspect I will not be the only Catholic offended to the core by amateur hour over at the Obama campaign. They seem determined to destroy themselves. I say we give them what they want!

UPDATE: Even "Nanny" Bloomberg seems to feel that Senator McCain's (and my) take on the current economic tremor is a correct one: Old Wall Street hand Mayor Bloomberg of New York, agreeing with McCain, helps the clueless Democrats and liberals out:
“I do agree that fundamentally America has an economy that is strong,” he said. “America’s great strength is its diversity, its hard work, its good financial statements, its broad capital markets,its enormous natural resources” and its work ethic, he said at an afternoon press conference devoted to reassuring New Yorkers that the city’s finances and its economy are intact.

“I’d rather play America’s hand than any other country,” he said. “Without problems? No.”


pianogirl said...

Maybe it's just me and my unsophisticated way of looking at things, but it seems like the alphabets TRY their darndest to make the financial picture as bleak as possible. Not saying that there aren't problems, but the hype and hoopla that are thrown at us 24/7 on the airwaves, and on the front pages of the NYSlimes (not a credible news source) and the Washington ComPOST just feed the frenzy that is out there. And so many people just can't seem to think enough for themselves to read through the garbage. It's always darkest just before an election, and this year is no different. If this economy is so awful, why is it that Sen. Hubris-Obama and his ungrateful wife made over $4 million big ones last year? And that ex-preacher of his has moved into a mega-mansion that SOMEONE ELSE HAS PAID FOR...but it's all Bush's fault!!! Some days I wish I could shake some sense into all of them. I'm hopeful if Gov. Palin is the VP, because a mom of five won't put up with any nonsense if all goes well.

Gayle Miller said...

I always thought the WaPo was known as "Pravda on the Potomac"! Glad you straightened that out for me (snicker, giggle)!