Friday, September 19, 2008


Let me get this straight. The nasty little shit who hacked into Sarah Palin's Yahoo account is probably the son of a Dem politician? Why do I not feel the slightest degree of surprise? This is precisely the climate of unhinged and permissive lunacy that is pervading the national conversation these days - mostly on the Left but we have a few serious nutbars over on the Right as well.

What part of "against the law" do these little smart alecks not understand? If they CAN do it, they think they have the RIGHT to do it? What kind of parents do these kids have? What kind of moral guidance have they received? Oh right, we're talking about kids raised by parents who traffic in moral equivalency.

Maybe the miracle is that more of these children of Dem legislators don't do this kind of nonsense!


The Dems, in an astounding display of cowardice and honesty, have announced that they don't have the slightest idea what to do about our economic rollercoaster (for which they are largely responsible having pushed the low income mortgage programs and the endless - and false - economic bad news over the past few years). Their solution? They're adjourning and scurrying home with their tails between their legs! What the . . . !

People - does this not tell you how completely unfit all of them are to serve us? Why do we re-elect these quisling morons?

Am I right in thinking that we ARE getting the government we deserve and suggesting that maybe, just maybe, we ought to start taking the November (and all subsequent) elections a little more seriously?

People, this nation is a freaking miracle and we treat it as though it is always going to be that way, regardless of how we abuse our good fortune in living here! Would your garden grow if you ignored it? No, unless of course you are planning to cultivate weeds. And that's just what we have and it's time to get out the Weed 'n Feed and clear away the rubble we've created by electing some people who give a damn about something other than their own self-aggrandizement. Or we could just continue to tolerate the mediocrities who walk the halls of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

I'm voting McCain/Palin and Gilmore (in Virginia). I would suggest that some serious thought is required by all of us about who we choose this November. This may be the year that, were it on the ballot, "none of the above" would win!

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