Monday, September 29, 2008


First, beloved baby sis was driving home from work on Saturday, heading for I-395 South and onward to I-95 South when she realized that the HOV lane had been closed for some odd reason to ALL traffic. Later, as she got further down, traveling in the "regular" lanes, she realized that the HOV lane had been closed because some politician was going somewhere - turned out it was Barack Hussein Obama displaying his deep concern for regular folks by seriously inconveniencing them on a Saturday afternoon en route to a speaking engagement at Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Why this arrogant asshat couldn't have taken a helicopter from D.C. to the roof of Mary Washington Hospital and by car across the street to his speaking engagement (for which he was FOUR hours late) is a mystery to me! Clearly he sees himself as already being quite a special fellow!

And then this morning I chanced upon this New York Post article:
"Barack Obama apparently broke his promise to the family of a fallen Wisconsin soldier when he mentioned the slain sergeant's name in his Friday debate with John McCain. Brian Jopek, the father of the late Ryan David Jopek, told National Public Radio in March that the family asked Obama to stop wearing his son's bracelet, but the Illinois senator continued to do so. Jopek said his ex-wife, Tracy, was upset .."
Tracy Jopek should be upset when this cynical poseur dares to use her dead son's name and bracelet for his own political aggrandizement! Take off the freaking bracelet Senator Obama and quit using the name of a fallen hero (which you aren't) without his surviving parents' permission (which you don't have). What part of keeping your damned promise don't you understand, you vainglorious pipsqueak!?

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