Friday, September 12, 2008


Whether it’s the so-called “Palin Effect” or the American voters’ weariness of the ineffectual yet endlessly bloviating House of Representatives, the once certain continuation of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives is now statistically not such a sure thing. Now there's a shocker for you! It certainly was to me.

In the latest USA Today/Gallup survey released today, among “registered” voters, the percentages are now 48% Dem/45% Republican. What is interesting to me is that the percentages shift much more in our favor when “likely” voters are polled. In those results, the trend is 50% leaning toward the Republicans and 45% leaning toward the Dem, with the balance undecided. If this trend continues – which is a big if – Republicans could regain control of the House of Representatives in November.

In an election year that was going to be the blitzkrieg of Democratic Panzers through Republican Poland – Senator Obama and his inept running mate seem to be snatching defeat out of almost certain victory, and dragging other Dems down the drain with them. So it behooves those of us who'd like to not hear Mrs. Pelosi's ignorant blatherings over the next couple of years to make every effort to support our local candidates in whatever manner possible. Now if you’ll excuse me, I also need to go write a check to the Cindy-Sheehan-For-Congress fundraiser. Must do my bit, doncha know!
Have a great weekend!


pianogirl said...

I'll leave it to you to support Cindy Sheehan...I'm sending money (again) to the Iraq war vet who hopes to unseat the despicable John Murtha in Pennsylvania!

shoprat said...

It's too early to start celebrating, but it's not too early to work and hope.