Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I realize full well that the enthusiasts of Barack Hussein Obama’s candidacy see something in this creature of radical and divisive Chicago politics that I don’t see. I just wish I could fathom what that something actually is!

Is it that he is such a blank slate that the observer can write on Obama’s essential emptiness whatever philosophy or possibility the observer chooses?

Is he so evasive that we know he can never be blamed for anything he said, because he never says anything? And do not even begin to try to argue this point with me.

During the debate last Friday, Senator McCain was polite and gracious. He started the debate by wishing well to the hospitalized Senator Edward M. Kennedy – Senator Obama did not deign to mention Senator Kennedy. Senator McCain unfailingly referred to Senator Obama AS Senator Obama. On the other hand, Senator Obama unfailingly referred to Senator McCain as “John” (disrespectful in any context since Senator McCain is older than Senator Obama AND has far lengthier service in the Senate) or “you” – which is just plain rude and offensive.

Senator McCain talked about programs and specifics and his vision for the next 4 years. Senator Obama engaged in partisan rhetoric and attacks.

I am grateful that Senator McCain took advantage of a few openings and thoroughly smacked down this obstreperous puppy as he deserved. Now we must pray that the electorate – particularly those of us who are bitter and clinging to our guns and religion – do likewise!

I have to say - I've been trying to figure out the appeal of Senator Obama from the very beginning and I still just don't get it. He is tangle-tongued without a teleprompter, unable to think on his feet (which is a must-have quality for a president I would think), rude, obnoxious and just plain ignorant and unprepared, with a resume you can barely see. Why are his devotees so passionate about this empty suit covering an emptier interior?

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