Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Much has been made (by the Dems) of Senator Barack Hussein Obama’s recent trip to Europe which included a fairly brief stop in Iraq.

It has now come to light (see the N.Y. Post articles of Amir Taheri) that while he was in Baghdad, the good Senator violated the Logan Act quite egregiously by attempting to negotiate foreign policy adjustments with the Prime Minster of Iraq, even going so far as to suggest that the SENATE ought to be negotiating all future foreign policy vis-à-vis Iraq. Has this arrogant s.o.b. even READ the Constitution?

Congress doesn’t make foreign policy. Period. That is the President’s job and it was a violation of the Logan Act for Senator Obama to even get into these topics while he was on his self-aggrandizing visit to Iraq. Obama went behind the back of the United States President during wartime and asked another nation to DISREGARD the plans which were in place. Defy President Bush, he suggested.

THESE activities engaged in by Senator Obama constitute nothing less than treason. Do the drooling Dems even know that prior (responsible) lawmakers have put into place mechanisms for dealing with people (like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and others) who think they have either the RIGHT or the ABILITY to deal with foreign leaders one-on-one, against the interests of their own country and in violation of the law? When will our Justice Department deal with this outrage? It’s time for Republicans to strap on a set and make it crystal clear that this shit has to stop. Trying to make nice with the Dems is now and always has been a fool's errand. It's time our good President stopped being such a nice guy and started showing them who is STILL running the show!

George W. Bush is STILL President of the United States and it’s time that he DEMAND the respect due both his service and his office. Unless he does, this crap is going to continue and THAT is harmful to our nation.

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