Friday, June 06, 2008


To anyone who honestly believes that Hillary Clinton's quest for the 2008 Presidential nomination is over, not just yet, I think!

In the first place, how dare anyone tell a candidate who has nearly 1,900 delegates that it is time for her to fold up her tent and quietly disappear? It is arrogant, it is dismissive, it is disrespectful. Furthermore, the Democratic Convention isn't until August - and a lot can happen in the interval - especially when the Clintons are involved. I fully intend to wait quietly for whatever disaster the Clintons are planning to drop on Obama and company in late July, early August.

I'm sure that Hillary and Bill will appear to go dormant, at least for a short while. But I still believe that somehow, some way, this saga isn't entirely over.

If, in fact, Barack Hussein Obama is the nominee of the Democratic Party, I sincerely hope that he isn't stupid enough to select Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate. I see no "up" side for her either. Should she accept the #2 spot on the ticket, and should (as is likely) Obama lose the general election, she goes down with him and it's a permanent disaster. If she isn't on the ticket, she's good to go in 2012, because even if Obama were to win (which I still say is unlikely to happen), he would be such an incredible disaster as president that he would be unable to secure a second term - leaving the door wide open for her to make a second try.

Think about it: Senator Obama is the presumptive nominee as of close of business on Tuesday. Who is getting all the media coverage? Senator Clinton, of course. No, folks, this thing isn't anywhere near over!

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