Wednesday, June 11, 2008


You must go to The Anchoress and read her brilliantly written, amazing smackdown of the latest filing of articles of impeachment (Dennis Kucinich, who else?) against our President. She also lists all the trifling reasons given by Joy Behar (now there's a rock scientist for you) and then shoots them down in flames one by one.

I agree with our friend The Anchoress - I think we should encourage the moonbats to do this so that once and for all, on the record, these idiots are shown for the asinine poseurs they really are!


pianogirl said...

LOL, dear friend...calling Joy Behar a "rock" scientist...I think she's a bit dumber than that! I agree with you about The Anchoress' brilliant article, and could only hope that the moonbats in Congress would try to impeach this President!

DrKrbyLuv said...

The biggest problem I have with our Government’s role leading up to the invasion of Iraq is that the Congress was complicit with the Whitehouse in violating our Constitution. The Constitution clearly states that Congress alone has the heavy burden of declaring war.

I think Bush wanted to avoid the national debate and vetting process that would have taken place in Congress. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq was made in spite of the fact that we lacked the solid evidence and imminent danger to warrant a just and legal war. The Constitution is designed to avoid having an unwitting, emotional or corrupt President from taking hold of the war trigger.

Congress should rebuke themselves rather than wasting time impeaching Bush.

Gayle Miller said...

They DID vote for the use of force. The problem arises from them attempting to deny it ever since! They are such unbelievable bozos (both sides of the aisle) that it just makes my head go "huh?" 20 times a day!