Monday, June 09, 2008


Barack Hussein Obama, the most singularly unqualified candidate for the presidency ever to be nominated by a major political party (assuming of course that it actually happens) appears to be "home free" for the nomination. Although I must say, BHO may have the nomination sewn up, but it was Hillary Rodham Clinton who dominated the news cycle over the weekend. HE may have won, but SHE got all the attention. This is definitely something he needs to consider, should he even have the remotest notion of putting her on the ticket.

And no, I am not racist. Barack Hussein Obama would be unqualified to serve as POTUS regardless of skin color. It's his IDEAS that are offensive, not the color of his skin. It is the lack of content in his character, not the color of his skin, that disqualifies him. It is a well known convention that you are known by the company you keep. On that basis alone (Rezko, Wright, Ayers, Dohrn, et al.), Senator Obama should hang his head in shame and scurry off the national stage sooner rather than later.

Why in the name of all that is holy do so few people seem to realize what a utter and complete humbug the man really is?

And why is it I keep hearing the theme song from "JAWS"!?


pianogirl said...

You keep hearing the theme from "JAWS" because we are dealing with the HillBillies and the fat lady hasn't warbled her aria yet!!!

Anonymous said...

You GW lovers should give yourself a test before criticizing Obama: If Bush is worse, scratch your criticism. Inexperienced? How is 6 yrs as Texas governor better than Obama's state and senate service? Scratch it! Dishonest? Pretzel anyone? No military service? No Cong in the strip clubs of Dallas. Scratch it! Connections to odious "folks". Bill Ayers WISHES he had the destructive effect of "Kenny Boy". Pat and Jerry? Scratch it. Bad ideas? Different (what we need) but not compound criminal ACTIONS. Scratch it! Elite? This one kills me. Scratch it! What's that leave? He's black and he reads? Tell us positive things about the scarey, old ill-tempered white guy with his hand on the trigger but stop reminding us of the last 8 years in hell.

Gayle Miller said...

Anon. Your problem is a skewed perception of reality - also known as Bush Derangement Syndrome. Senator Barack Hussein Obama has accomplished NOTHING in his life other than flimflamming voters into supporting him. NO legislation. VOTING "present" 130 times rather than creating an actual RECORD of his beliefs.

On the other hand, President Bush has run several successful businesses, was a well regarded (by both parties, I might add) and successful governor of Texas - and by the way, there's a reason that GOVERNORS tend to be the nominees. They've actually had EXPERIENCE running a business.

Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit, a documented hater. His associates include a man and woman who STILL express hatred for their country, 30 some years after they were CONVICTED of numerous bombings - including the Pentagon. His pastor of 20 years is anti-white and an anti-American lunatic. The so-called Catholic priest who has also spoken at Obama's former church is another lunatic. Obama's wife hates her own nation for reasons that defy any kind of reasonable explanation. Every time I turn around I see another example of Obama's completely un-American demeanor and rhetoric.

And if you actually had any balls, you wouldn't comment anonymously, now would you!?

DrKrbyLuv said...

Racism has become institutionalized and adopted as Government policy through reverse-discrimination. Obama: Why are whites discriminated against in America?

Obama said “the anger and resentment of white folks, about affirmative action, crime and forced busing are born of misperceptions—and of “bogus claims of racism.” Obama cannot understand that the anger and resentment of white America is legitimate.

Blacks have legal, preferential treatment over whites in college admissions, employment opportunities and professional advancement (and firings). Many Government contracts have “minority” clauses that give black businesses an unfair advantage.

And maybe the worst racism exists in the “politically correct” censorship that whites endure every day.