Tuesday, June 03, 2008


From Hillary Clinton’s standpoint, a number of things can occur over the next few days – none of them particularly good. She could withdraw from the race and put her presidential aspirations on a shelf somewhere, at least for the next 4 years or (possibly) forever.

Barack Hussein Obama appears to be poised (barring unforeseen last minute bombshells, some of which are already rumored to be imminent) to take the Democratic nomination for the presidency. He also, if God be good, will lose the election resoundingly to Senator John McCain who, while far from perfect, is demonstrably more qualified to serve as our President. Let’s just be blunt about this: Barack Hussein Obama would be Jimmy Carter redux and most of our current international and domestic problems can be laid at the feet of the first Jimmy Carter administration! We do not – repeat do not – need a do over!

Senator Obama could pick Senator Clinton as his vice presidential running mate. From his standpoint, there is absolutely no up side to that idea! First of all, throughout the campaign, Bill Clinton would be sucking the air out of every room into which he walked, never mind the incredible quantities of baggage both the Clintons carry with them and that’s just the known baggage. Knowing William Jefferson Clinton as we all do, does anyone doubt that we haven’t even scratched the sleazy surface? Secondly, it may be non p.c. to say and it may even be slightly (very slightly) unfair, but if I were Senator Obama, with Senator Clinton as my running mate, I would SLEEP in Kevlar BVDs.

The likelihood is that Senator Obama will lose – and lose big! John McCain has been dealing with arrogant pups like the Senator for many, many years and he can squash his pretensions of competence without breaking a sweat. If, as I suspect, this happens – that’s the end of Senator Obama – for good. If Hillary is his running mate, that’s the end of her as well. If, however, she gracefully declines the offer, she’s good to go for 2012 which is, due to her age, pretty much her last chance, assuming she could scratch out the nomination, which now no longer looks like it will happen in 2012 without another bruising battle. She has lost her aura of inevitability for good.

The Democrats, so-called party of the little guy, have shot themselves in the foot on many levels. First of all, the sheer length of this primary campaign has exhausted voters on all sides of the political spectrum. Put bluntly – we’re sick of y’all! Then the totalitarian dictates of the National Party in telling various state party bigwigs when the primary should be held ended up disenfranchising voters in both Florida and Michigan. Why? So demigod HoHo Dean could boost his nonexistent manliness? Horse hockey! This was the party that just a little over 7 years ago was bleating that “every vote must count” (preferably 2 or 3 times) even after it was repeatedly proven that yes, indeed, George W. Bush DID WIN the State of Florida! What hypocritical poseurs these Dems have become. This is not, I repeat NOT, the Democratic Party I grew up with. Not even close.

Another question – these “super delegates” that have been discussed so much? Why is it that they are not forced to support the candidate who won their state, at least on the first ballot. In other words, say Mrs. Clinton won a state with 60% of the vote. Shouldn’t 60% of the super delegates also be hers? And how non-representational are these super delegates anyway? Sounds like totalitarian elitism to me.

I have long believed and frequently opined that for this country’s health, both national political parties should be vibrant, healthy and, above all, inclusive of all citizens of this nation. This really is no longer the case. George Soros and his ilk have hijacked the Democratic Party, despite being a real (but very noisy and well financed) minority. Nobody seems to be worried about this, but I honestly believe that we should all be concerned. George Soros wants to achieve by stealth and manipulation that which he cannot ever obtain legally. He is not a native born U.S. citizen so his only hope of achieving some sort of dictatorship over the future of this country is through surrogates – wholly owned surrogates. Is Barack Hussein Obama one of them? The remote possibility is yet another reason that Senator Obama must never be POTUS.

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