Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Is Barack Hussein Obama actually even a native-born American citizen? The rumblings have been growing ever since he apparently assured himself of the Democratic Party nomination for President.

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii of an underage American mother and a Kenyan father. Although a record of his birth is available on the Web, it is also apparently true that his birth was registered in Mombassa Kenya! Furthermore, his mother's 2nd marriage to an Indonesian man, caused the family's relocation to Indonesia. Did his mother's 2nd [Muslim] husband adopt Barack Hussein Obama? And by so doing, did he invalidate his new son's American citizenship. Some of the point made are that (1) his mother couldn't pass on her native-born American citizenship to young Barack simply because she was a minor at the time of his birth; (2) regardless of where Senator Obama was actually born, due to his Kenyan father and the fact of his birth being registered in Mombassa, Obama's claim to citizenship is on shaky ground. It is further alleged that, because Barack's mother married an Indonesian Muslim who then, allegedly, adopted Barack Obama that she effectively surrendered her son's citizenship.

To me it's all murky and defies logic on a number of levels.

What's the intelligence emanating from the blogsphere? Is he real or is he Memorex?

UPDATE: I asked the most intelligent (and Republican) attorney I know about this and here's his response:
My thought is that whoever thinks these up has way too much time on their hands. If he was born on American soil, why is not that the end of the matter?
Case closed!

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