Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Once again, a blatant and rather dazzling display of ignorance emanates from the mouth of his royal majesty, the Democratic Party nominee presumptive who says that drilling isn't the answer to our fuel costs as it would take 5 years to help bring down the cost of fuel.

His answer, which “will bring immediate change”, is a windfall profits tax on oil companies. Of course, the additional tax will be passed on to us in the form of basic costs but Senator Obama probably either hasn’t figured out that basic economic fact, or he thinks we are too stupid to do so!

Note to Senator Obama: It will not take 5 years to bring down the cost of fuel, because the current cost of fuel is being driven UP by speculators around the world, not by anything our nation is or is not doing. This is a typical leftwing meme: claim that the common sense solution to a problem will take too long and our memories are too short. Not so fast, you incompetent huckster – the American people are a whole lot smarter than you even begin to believe and we’re a whole lot better informed thanks to the Worldwide Web.

The mere fact that we are drilling off our own shores (as opposed to China and other nations who are already doing so) and that we are energetically being who we are and seeking to solve our own problems without reference to “letting the government do it” (which is a trifling way to think and behave) will send a strong message to speculators that we are through letting them screw around with our economy.

I swear - what WERE the Dems thinking? I'm no fan of Hillary's as you know, but compared to this incredible dimwit, she's a true rocket scientist!

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DrKrbyLuv said...

Hilary was more qualified than Obama, but that ain't sayin much.

The terrible part about this election is that we really don't have a choice. McCain is too corrupt and angry to be president and Obama is Obama.