Thursday, June 05, 2008


After experiencing a series of tornados, massive thunderstorms, power outages and all around destruction and mayhem last night (in Stafford, Virginia), my ability to come up with a decent post for today is less than zero. Sam the Wonder Cat and I are pretty doggone tired, but also fortunate since there was very little damage to our cozy little home, despite an anxious night with no phone service and no electrical power. All is now restored and I am getting through the day here at work as best I can - until I can go home tonight and get some rest!

However, Laura Lee at the Wide Awake Cafe has an excellent analysis of Obama's acceptance speech that is well worth reading.

So without further ado, here it it.


Sissy Willis said...

Glad you and Sam made it through the storm. :-)

Gayle Miller said...

Sam made every attempt to permanently attach himself to my side during the evening before the power went out and throughout the night when it was surprisingly a dark and stormy night! Each time I turned over in bed, a large 26 pound fur object was right there - and purring! About midnight the power returned but as of this morning, no telephone service BUT yes to cable and cell phone service! Huzzah! Many others were not so fortunate!