Wednesday, June 04, 2008


(Or Does He?)

My question is: Why are Pelosi, Reid and “Mr. Temperate” Howard Dean so fervent about setting a Friday, June 6th deadline for “superdelegates” to declare themselves. What’s up with that? Could there be some truth to the rumors that there is a tape in existence that has Michelle Obama making some (even more) offensive comments that include the word “whitey”? Wonder how much it cost Hillary to get her hands on that little gem! If, in fact, it's true. And once those superdelegates have said they will vote for Obama, what is to prevent them from changing their minds? Inquiring me wants to know.

Why watch soap operas (sorry, daytime dramas) when you can observe the Democrats at work and play? Except of course that the soap operas are far more intelligent and well acted.

Just my opinion.

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