Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, maybe not entirely. As some of you may have heard on your local news, the District has been plagued all this week by a series of problems on the Metro transportation system. Monday and Tuesday of this week, the Orange line which runs from the District out to Vienna, Virginia had track problems, which led to me overhearing what may be one of the more hilarious exchanges in a long time:

Her: It seems like the Metro is always having problems around Courthouse station.

Him: At least this week.

Her: Well, they should just close that station!

Me: (HUH?)

And no she wasn't a blonde!

Wednesday, the Orange line had some kind of kinks again and then yesterday, just to keep it interesting, the Red line developed problems.

This morning as I tried to cross 12th and F Streets to get to the Metro Center station for my trip from the car pool drop off to my office, I noticed (it was hard not to) that the traffic signals were out. This is a VERY busy intersection and it took some fancy footwork to get across. I finally got behind a very LARGE man (had to be an ex-football player) and scurried in his wake! Got down into the Metro and there were some "issues" with the visibility and then I heard the announcement that there had been an electrical fire on the tracks in Metro Center which necessitated turning off the power - power which was now being restored in increments.

But the best fun was when I got to McPherson Station to get off the train - NO lights to speak of and, worse yet, the escalators and elevator were not working at all! Now bear in mind that I am 66 years old and have arthritis in the bottom 6 vertebrae of my spine and my left knee. I am very proud to report that I did make it up 63 steps from underground to the ground level. After I stopped a moment to catch my breath, I proceeded around the corner heading toward my office building. That's when I realized that in front of the office building next door to the one where I work, there were a LOT of people standing out in front. Seems the power was out in the entire area. I kept going toward my building, sure that there was no way I'd be going to work. Lo and behold - WE had power so I got gratefully onto the elevator and rode up to my 10th floor office. Apparently one of the local power companies was having a rolling brownout - just to complicate our lives.

Do I still consider Friday the 13th lucky? You bet I do. I'm here, I'm alive, I was on time for work and it IS, after all, FRIDAY!

Have a great weekend.


pianogirl said...

I'd never considered Friday the 13th an unlucky day, but 33 years ago today (on a Friday in 1975), my cousin's house burned down, my husband's uncle died, and my 54 year old mother had surgery for a brain tumor. Four months later, on October 13th (a Monday this time), she was dead. My father died on the 13th of January in 1991. Let's just say that I'm always glad when I get to the 14th of the month, especially if the 13th is on a Friday.

And yes, I also feel lucky that I'm alive!

KrustyTheCat said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting about Zeus! I wrote a comment back to you ;o)

KrustyTheCat said...

Hi Gayle, I had another question for you. Is there a good set of clippers you could recommend? I'd like to start clipping Zeus, but don't know where to start. I might stop at pet smart tomorrow actually if I have time.