Monday, June 02, 2008


As I write this, Senator Kennedy is undergoing very delicate surgery at Duke University's world-class medical facility. Many things can result from this surgery, most of them not terribly good. He could lose the ability to walk or talk - or both. He very likely (depending on the location of the tumor) will lose some short term memory. He may lose his sense of taste. One thing is certain and that is that it is unlikely that the surgeons will be able to remove all of the tumor. It is probable that what my sister calls "radioactive communion wafers" will be left behind after the surgery to begin the task of killing as many of the remaining cancer cells as possible. It appears that, as in the case of my friend Joyce's husband, the brain tumor is a primary site tumor. This is not good. It means that it is highly likely (close to inevitable) that the cancer will return. To delay that occurrence, Senator Kennedy will have to undergo chemotherapy and radiation simultaneously. The famous Kennedy mane of hair is a probable casualty - at least temporarily. So what I am saying is that the Senator and his family need all of our prayers. I don't give a rat's eardrum what your political differences are with Senator Kennedy, this is an absolutely horrible disease and his prognosis is, to say the least, far from good. My best guess is that he will have, with the best of care and the best possible outcome today, between 18 months and 3 years to live, although for the sake of his family, I would hope it is more.

May God shine his light upon him, now and for the rest of his life.

UPDATE: Senator Kennedy apparently came through the surgery in great shape. A general anesthesia wasn't used and the Senator (true to form) came out of surgery talking! Good for him. Continued positive progress, Senator, with God's help and all of our prayers.

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Mary said...

Definitely thoughts and prayers are with him!