Thursday, June 12, 2008


My friend Joyce's husband Mark appears to be in remission. X-rays of the brain tumor reveal no new tumor growth (he was diagnosed in February with what appears to be the same type of tumor afflicting Senator Kennedy). Mark has been through a lot since the diagnosis, including surgery to remove an enormous brain tumor, plus chemo and radiation treatment. He is now on a regimen of chemo once per month for 5 days, an MRI every third month. His taste buds have started working again. When they returned from the doctor appointment on Tuesday, he expressed an intention of mowing the lawn. Joyce's response was: "Not with 2 broken legs, which is what you will have if you try!" since the doctors had made it clear that he was to avoid exceedingly hot days (which Tuesday certainly was).

To all of you who prayed for Mark and for his family's well being during this highly difficult period, know that a continuation of those prayers is still needed, since Mark isn't cured. However, his quality of life would seem to be something that has improved considerably and should continue for an appreciable period of time. Total cure, probably not in the cards, however, his health has at least improved enough that he can enjoy his life and his family for an as yet unspecified period of time and that's a blessing - and being greedy on their behalf, I hope it is for a very, very long time! So thank you for the prayers already offered and those yet to come. They are a lovely bunch of people and deserve our best wishes.

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