Wednesday, April 25, 2007


ABC is indulging itself in what is probably a convenient fiction - that the network and Rosie couldn't come up with a mutually agreable contract to extend her stay on "The View". So she will be leaving when her contract expires in June, 2007. Good riddance. There is a fine line between freedom of speech and license. Ms. O'Donnell's hateful tirades cross that line.

Regardless of that, I take great exception to those who are making what I can only consider hateful remarks regarding Ms. O'Donnell's appearance. That is unacceptable and irrelevant. She'd be a weird creature even if she looked like Elizabeth Taylor in her prime! And it's just plain cruel to denigrate a person's looks when their actions and opinions are so much more to the point.

What I'm saying is leave the name calling to others and deal with the substance of the outrageous things Rosie O'Donnell says and leave her weight, age, sexual orientation and general appearance out of the mix. Okay?

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Anonymous said...

Gayle, I agree with most of your proposed restrictions on criticism of Rosie, except the sexual orientation. Rosie herself interjects her own gayness into seemingly innocuous situations, so I think it is fair to criticize her on that point.

We should leave the obnoxiousness to The Donald...he's pretty good at it.