Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I am compelled to react with gut-wrenching fury when the European press alludes to how the "gun culture" infuses our nation.

Their blathering neglects to mention the Constitution which guarantees this right to all Americans. A right which is, incidentally, constantly under attack.

For more on this nutty bloviating and the entire Virginia Tech tragedy, go to see Blogmeister and The Anchoress, both of whom say everything that needs to be said - and both deliver some extraordinary insights.


Anonymous said...

Actually, usually they DO mention the second amendment when discussing "gun culture" in America, although I wish the evidence were clearer on exactly what the framers and other contemporaries meant when they drafted the amendment.

I think it's indisputable that the language is odd, and certainly seems to exclude incorporation as a protect against STATE infringement of the right.

Gayle Miller said...

How about reading the plain text of the Amendment. It's fairly clear.

Anonymous said...

Except for that stuff about a militia, of course.

If it was so clear, there'd be no argument.

And that doesn't address my problem with incorporation of the amendment, unless we're assuming they all incorporate, which would be new doctrine.