Tuesday, April 10, 2007


By apologizing on Rev. Al Sharpton’s show? Give me a break!

The LAST PERSON who should be receiving apologies from anyone is Al Sharpton. Can we spell Tawana Brawley? In my opinion, just like the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sharpton is black strictly for business purposes. And when it suits their purposes, I think that both Sharpton and Jackson will shamelessly exploit a situation, especially if there’s a buck to be made. I am amazed that neither of them has been hustling all around Durham, NC since March of 2006, trying to make a personal profit from the shameless persecution of the three Duke lacrosse players for the non-rape of a lying, fraudulent non-victim, all at the hands of a political hustler, ethics-challenged district attorney. Is it possible that even Sharpton and Jackson have standards?

What Don Imus said was offensive and completely indefensible. Why the outrage now? He says things like that nearly every day! But as long as he was making MSNBC and CBS money, and not drawing a whole lot of attention to his despicable comments, both networks were delighted to take the money and run. I have tried to watch his morning show – I find it thoroughly incomprehensible.

Here’s my view. If you are in the public eye, like Don Imus, or a Michael Richards, or even that lunatic Rosie O’Donnell, you ought to have the balls to own what you say without apology. If it offends someone – so what? If it makes you look like an idiot, then maybe you ought to just admit that you ARE an idiot. If it makes you look insane and demented, then Rosie it’s time to enter a treatment facility.

I’m sorry – nowhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is there a right to “not be offended” or not have your little feelings hurt. There’s too damn much political correctness and pussyfooting in America today and we’d all be better off if there was more plain speech and less “nuance” being employed.

We’d also all be a lot better off if the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson reserved some of their ire and vocal chastisements for the various “rap elite” like Snoop Doggie Dog, Ludacris and others of that ilk whose lyrics glorify violence toward women, rape, murder (particularly of policemen) and all manner of violent and anti-social behavior, most especially including a total lack of respect for women, black or white. If there is to be civility on earth, gentlemen, let it start with YOU. But then, there’s no profit in that, is there?

NBC, MSNBC, CBS – keep Imus or fire him. I don’t really give a rat’s eardrum. But if you keep him and start expecting him to be more respectful or politically correct (1) don’t be surprised if he wanders off the reservation sooner rather than later and (2) you’d best be expecting the same kind of politically correct locutions from everyone else on your network INCLUDING demonstrably brain dead Keith Olbermann and the dumb yet strangely opinionated Chrissy Matthews.

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