Tuesday, April 24, 2007


When O'Reilly started his "Talking Points Memo" last night, which I actually only caught because I was en route elsewhere on my TV dial (who says men are the only ones who channel surf), I was somewhat startled to hear that he was doing an in-depth investigation of George Soros and all his many tentacles throughout the ultra leftwing opinion making machine.

Either Mr. O'Reilly thinks he is immune from George Soros' retribution or O'Reilly feels that he has weathered worse than Soros can dish out. At the same time, character assassination and the politics of personal destruction are the middle name of George Soros. I applaud the effort to shine the revealing light of day on the machinations of this evil man who is trying to BUY the Presidency of the United States of America for himself at arm's length so that he can completely reshape our entire nation's way of life.

Mr. Soros and his legions of lunatic fringers are a very serious danger to this nation, and yet studies show that very few people are even aware of Mr. Soros' existence. But then a large number of Americans don't know the name of our current Vice President. Why do I think this level of ignorance is frightening? I certainly know that there exist, in otherwise intelligent people, some deep pockets of ignorance about the structure of our nation's institutions. But in the long run, this is our survival and the survival of our Republic for the benefit of future generations not yet born.

I have heard from some who truly believe that the Legislative branch of our government has power over the Executive branch, even though that is a complete fallacy. I have heard from people who genuinely believe that a CITY - namely Washington, D.C. - should have equal status with States such as Michigan and Iowa and that this is provided for in our constitution, although it is not. I think that these people are not willfully ignorant but rather they have been taught poorly. Thank you N.E.A.

I was taught in grade school and onwards that the people of our nation had many wonderful rights. I was further taught that with those rights came EQUALLY important responsibilities and that you could not have one without the other. I was taught that freedom and license were two entirely different things. I was lucky because I WAS taught and granted I joke a lot about having "survived Catholic school" but as I get older, I realize how very much I owe my parents who essentially paid twice for my elementary and high school educations because through taxes they were supporting public schools and still paying additional sums to send me to parochial schools.

The point of all of this to me is, I think, that because people in this country have an imperfect understanding of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and even of the most basic structure of our government, we are leaving ourselves open for someone like George Soros to manipulate himself into a position of power for which he is otherwise not qualified.

Is he even a citizen of this country or a legal resident? I do know that he is a convicted felon in France. (UPDATE: George Soros is a naturalized American citizen. Which means he himself can never be president. A clue?)

So I congratulate Mr. O'Reilly on having the courage - or temerity or even greed for ratings - to get out there and probe the web of organizations behind which Mr. Soros really isn't even trying very hard to hide. Good luck with that.


Sissy Willis said...

One can only wonder what demons motivate the unspeakable Soros. Is he, in fact, the anti-Christ?

Gayle Miller said...

Well why not - I think of Hillary as Satan's Spawn - why couldn't he be her twin brother?

shoprat said...

Finally someone in the public media is challenging the most dangerous man on the planet. This is good news indeed.