Friday, April 20, 2007


And it is only to commend to your attention a brilliantly written, meticulously researched article in the Washington Post, by David Maraniss. The title is: 'That Was the Desk I Chose to Die Under'.

I don't believe I have EVER recommended anything appearing in "Pravda on the Potomac", nor do I expect to do so soon again. But this is a cogent and brilliant piece of research and writing and deserves to be read. In fact, it should be the ONLY thing you read. It is clear, unsentimental (without being cold) and completely riveting.


Dan Patterson said...

For those who lived through it, the descriptions and images are lodged in their minds. For those of us who did not, the article replaces experience with imagined scenes and they are horrific. The only comfort I can offer, and it is thin ointment for a wound so harsh, is prayer for comfort and safety.

I wish I could help, and I wish that the evil that inhabits the earth would perish. No one but the actor is to blame for causing so much harm, and the motivations for his acts are now spent; they were only active when he carried and nurtured them.

For those most affected by the murders, please reach out for any support you can find.

Dan Patterson

Gayle Miller said...

Dan Patterson - thank you very, very much for your thoughtful comment.