Monday, April 23, 2007


In an article written by Ray Van Dune in the American Thinker entitled: “My Request To Sen. Lieberman”, Mr. Van Dune requests that Senator Lieberman stand up and cross the aisle to prevent any more foolishness by Senator Harry Reid and the rest of his seditious pals in the Senate. The article further requests that Senator Lieberman demand that Senator Reid resign from his post immediately, given the fact that Senator Reid places political gain above the national interests he has sworn to preserve, protect and defend. He closes with the following paragraph:

"Again I thank you, and I hope that you will consider my request, in that it may help steel the resolve of this nation to meet its moral obligations, and show the positions of Senator Reid and other Democrats for the cynical opportunisms that they are."

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of sedition, your pal Thomas Paine wrote a letter to George Washington, after the publication of the latter's farewell address, "expressing the hope that Washington would die and telling him that 'the world will be puzzled to decide whether you are an apostate or an impostor, whether you have abandoned good principles or whether you ever had any'." Chernow, at 507.

Nice to know more about the people you respect, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of people you respect and post quotes about, and commit seditious acts, how about Jefferson?

Don't you want to defend my accusation that he did the same things as Pelosi and Reid, undermining the President by engaging with a foreign nation and, worse than Pelosi and Reid, tried to help the French obtain the aid of Kentucky militia despite Washington's Proclamation of Neutrality, all while Secretary of State?

DOn't want to defend your fellow Republican against this traitorous, ignorant of our nation's history, seditious, hates the troops, subhuman liberal piece of shit? THis public school educated double drop out?

C'mon HONORS student, let's see what that education you're always bragging about has for substance? For someone always talking about your superior knowledge of our nation's history and the constitution, you're oddly silent.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot.

I'm also a moron.

You can show a moron like me my mistakes, can't you?

Honors student?

How many history books/jounal articles have you read?

Two or three, maybe?

How many outside of school?

And on the constitution?

Gayle Miller said...

I have a master's degree in business administration and was Phi Beta Kappa in my JUNIOR year at The Ohio State University majoring in History, English and Communications (journalism), graduating early with a 3.95 GPA.

Don't start up!

Anonymous said...

And yet, with all that, you're still ignorant enough to think the separation of powers is absolute, and the branches of the US government were designed to be coequal.


How does a two time dropout ignorant piece of shit like me know more that such a richly educated member of the elite like yourself?

Anonymous said...

And how does an America hating traitor like me read ten times the number of US history books than an America loving patriot like yourself?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should re-examine who really loves this country, the lilly livered moonbat liberals, or the poser patriouts that aren't even interested in reading about the country they brag about being so patriotic for.

Sissy Willis said...

What is Paul's problem?

Anonymous said...

My problem? I"ll tell you my problem. I am sick of being called a seditious traitor and being told I don't love my country by people demonstrably ignorant of their nation's history and who use patriotism as a battering rod, people who pretend to have definitive view of the constitution when they get wrong the most very basic facts about it, people who abuse those with less education than they have, and then don't use the education they do have, people who get their ideas from shallow tv shows and internet blogs and don't read books or articles and then think they're experts qualified to opine on subjects they know little to nothing about, people who think it's fine to call people traitors that are working in government service while they sit back throw stones, people who embrace philosophies like strict constructionism (which they don't even understand) only to abandon it when it interferes with their ability to insult a person in a political party they don't like, in other words, I am sick of people like Gayle Miller.

Anonymous said...

See, I don't like people who make themselves feels superior to those who don't have the education they have, and like to throw out facts like oh it's shot heard 'round the world day, I'm so cool, I'll insult all my fellow Americans who don't this and make myself feel superior.

So I'll take the time to point that person's hypocrisy and their own ignorance for putting up a quote from a man (Jefferson) who made a professional political career doing the sleazy bullshit she calls Reid names for.

I don't like Reid, and I think what he said was reprehensible. I'm not defending him.

I'm attacking Gayle for her ignorance and her bullshit attacks of fellow citizens that lack the leisure time she has to blog random anniversaries of Revolutionary War battles.

She wants to attack Democrats for trying to do right thing by DC residents, however misguided their effort may be. Fine. I'll happily point out she's utterly unqualified to make judgements on the constitutionality of anything, by showing there's more to constitutional analysis than bragging about your education and calling public servants seditious traitors.

Gayle Miller said...

Then why do you pollute my site, paul?

How many books do you read - cover to cover - per week, paul?

How many of those books are NON-fiction, paul?

When was the last time you actually READ the Federalist Papers, paul?

The Declaration of Independence, paul?

The Constitution of the United States, paul - which is, by the way, the governing LAW OF OUR LAND, paul.

Education is a matter of continuing that which is begun in school and not whining about your "missed opportunities", paul.

There is not a day goes by that I don't read at least one, usually more, chapters of a non-fiction book on history, philosophy, or current affairs - some of which I agree with and some of which I do not.

And I haven't called you a traitor, paul. I've called HARRY REID a traitor and I stand by that. But if you think what Reid is doing is okay, then you've pretty much settled the issue.