Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Rant

I confess, I’m fed up with Congressional Democrats (and RINOs) and their game-playing. From the moment the November 2006 election was decided, these arrogant and treasonous twits have behaved as though they are, somehow, the new PRESIDENT. Trust me, your majority isn’t that big, y'all. Therefore, you aren’t and, based on current performance, NONE OF YOU EVER WILL BE (Are you listening Ms. Ruthless Ambition, Jr. Senator from New York and Mr. Barely Elected from Illinois? Neither of you have accomplished anything in your current jobs. No legislation. No positive legislative initiatives. Why would we want you to move up a step on the food chain! For what, to continue your feckless behavior?) I know I promised to try to not lose my temper this year, but sometimes being patient with infantile brats is beyond my abilities. And I have to congratulate this current crop of morons - they pissed me off a lot more thoroughly and a lot more quickly than did President William Jefferson Clinton at his worst!

George W. Bush is now and will continue to be President of the United States until his term expires in January 2009. Until that time, the Constitution reserves to him certain powers, powers that your arrogance cannot and will not usurp. Should you have any questions about this, I will refer you to the United States Constitution. Copies can be obtained from the National Archives for a nominal fee. Since clearly Senator Reid and Rep. Murtha never STUDIED the Constitution in school, I suggest that they get a copy now and learn what it says. George W. Bush is the Commander in Chief of our armed forces. Not you, Senator Reid and not you, Rep. Murtha. And just a quick tip to the nutroots: whatever fantasies you might have about impeachment of this President, they will remain just that. Moronic fantasies of people who have chosen to live their lives based on hatred instead of reason and logic. All y'all Kos Kids and HuffPo people - you are all UNHINGED and worthless loons.

The President of the United States is charged with conducting our nation’s foreign policy. Not YOU, Madame Speaker and not any self-important (and seditious) jackass of a congressman or senator (Democrat or RINO). These brain-cell-challenged politicians are not doing their own jobs, but rather attempting to hijack duties that are Constitutionally interdicted to them and for which they are woefully ill-equipped.

When you became House Speaker, Mrs. Pelosi, you proclaimed yourself to be the most powerful woman in the world. Rude but true: you aren’t even close. In the first place, should you ever look like you might get close to being that powerful, the Jr. Senator from New York WILL cut you off at the knees in a heartbeat. You'll never see it coming, but it will come. Secondly, the only woman who is properly charged with conducting our nation’s foreign policy on behalf of the President is named Condoleeza Rice. She is both better looking and way, way, way smarter than you are, Mrs. Pelosi. Actually, Dr. Rice is way smarter than most of the MEN in the U.S. Congress these days – particularly those with the surname of Reid, Murtha, Feingold, McCain, Obama and so on. So Mrs. Pelosi, why is it you thought you had the right to go to Syria when the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES ASKED YOU NOT TO GO? This is a country that is supporting and encouraging terrorism in the Middle East. This is a country with whom we have NO DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS. Just who in the hell do you think you are, you puffed up, arrogant traitor?

We are living in perilous times and we deserve serious and intelligent representation. Instead we seem to have Karl, Adolf, Evita and Josef on crack!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful commentary, Gayle. I'd pay money to hear Tony Snow repeat it all to the WH Press Corps.


Mark the Pundit said...

You forgot Florida. God how I hate the University of Florida right now!!!!

Tom Blogical said...

Thank you for having the energy and desire to say this for me. These people have completely taken these things from me.

And I second what Mark the Pundit said.

Gayle Miller said...

I'd pay good money just to have Tony Snow healthy and back on the job!

Gayle Miller said...

And Mark - I agree with you about Florida!

Pam said...

Well done, Gayle!

Anonymous said...

How does a conservative believe a member of congress needs permission from the president to do anything.

Gayle Miller said...

A Member of Congress is limited in what can legally be done by that Member of Congress. Developing Foreign Policy for this country IS the responsibility of the PRESIDENT. The Congress is not empowered to do so. Period. End of discussion. Neither are they Commander in Chief.

Separation of powers - all three branches are CO-EQUAL - but the President cannot make decisions for the Supreme Court and they aren't supposed to write laws for the Congress.

Got it?