Friday, April 20, 2007


The reliably brilliant A.J. Strata makes an excellent point about the cheese-eating-surrender-Democrats in yesterday’s post entitled: Democrats Caving On Iraq.

Congress authorized this war. This is not just Bush’s war. And Democrats need to understand “Oops, I was wrong” is not what America will tolerate as a response to seeing their best and brightest killed and maimed. Democrats have no choice now. They have admitted many times they will fund the troops and now they are watering down the surrender language. If they can water it down then they can just remove the language. Alternatively, if the withdrawal language is so damn universally popular as the Dems claim, put it in a stand-alone Bill and pass it on its own!

I have to confess, the attitude and the unreasoning, baseless and rabid hatred of George W. Bush confounds me. Both our President and our Vice President are good men. They are dedicated to preserving the security of this nation and the safety of EVERY citizen of this country regardless. They are ethical and moral men and the foul canards thrown at them, the infantile name calling and the baseless accusations of all manner of violations of both law and ethics contribute nothing worthwhile to any debate.

It used to be called "the loyal opposition". When did it become the "seditious weasals"?

All we can do is pray for strength - both ours and our President's.