Wednesday, April 11, 2007


In the wake of the Attorney General of North Carolina's unequivocal statement today that the three Duke lacrosse players are absolutely INNOCENT, it has already become clear that some people cannot let loose of their agendas long enough to deal with reality. Hence these quotes from the News Observer:
"I hope people who experience sexual violence in any form feel comfortable calling for help ... and know that each case is different, and they can seek help when they've been violated. There's a possibility that the way the media handles high-profile sexual assault cases, and the fear that would happen to any survivor who comes forward, can have a chilling effect and make them reluctant to step forward." — Margaret Barrett, executive director, Orange County Rape Crisis Center in Chapel Hill.
What pious, unadulterated horse manure, Ms. Barrett. Crystal’s false allegations will make it more difficult for any survivor. But hopefully, today's resolution of this case should make it more difficult for LYING ACCUSERS to sully the names of innocent people.
"We respect the integrity of the Attorney General’s investigation and supported the involvement of special prosecutors. If his office believes the state lacks sufficient evidence to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that all the elements of each crime took place, then it is the state’s constitutional duty to dismiss the charges. ... Now, as we have repeatedly said, comes the hard part. How do we proceed toward the healing places in our communities and our hearts? Long after the television vans with their saucer antennas have pulled out of Durham, long after the bloggers have grown weary from typing, those of us who believe in freedom and justice can not rest. How do we work to ensure that the final decisions in this case in no way deter women of color from making claims of violations against them which violate their spirits and their bodies?" — statement from William J. Barber II, president of the North Carolina NAACP
Blah, blah, blah, blah! Barber, you are pretentious boob! The Attorney General didn’t say that the state “lacks sufficient evidence” – he SAID the three young men were INNOCENT and he said that he had considered filing charges against Crystal Gail Magnum. And I notice that you felt that bloggers needed to be brought into your statement? Are you distressed that Nifong’s railroad job caught the attention of some intelligent and eloquent people out in the blogsphere (La Shawn Barber and KC Johnson come to mind immediately, as well as John in Carolina and Liestoppers) who held the State’s feet to the fire until the right thing was done!? So sorry that justice is color blind, sir.

Finally, one voice of common sense and rational thinking processes:

"It confirms that there is a very great deal of damage that an official like a district attorney is capable of doing if they don't exercise their authority properly." — Paul Haagen, a Duke law professor and chairman of Duke's Academic Council.

Clearly, in some itty bitty, subpar minds, even though the three Duke lacrosse players have been declared INNOCENT (Cooper didn’t say “not enough evidence” he said INNOCENT you pusillanimous pipsqueaks), “something must have happened”. Yes, something happened. Crystal Gail Magnum lied, for whatever reason, and three young men’s lives were blasted all to hell! THAT is what happened.


Patrick O'Hannigan said...

Re "people who don't get it," this post has nothing specific to say about the travesty at Duke, but I couldn't find your email address, and I think you and I might agree about the problem with putting so much stock in feelings, as progressives tend to do.

Gayle Miller said...

I think if you just double click on my name?

And yes, we absolutely do agree!

Anonymous said...

Well, they did hire a stripper. That's pretty low.

Did they deserve what happened to them? No. But I doubt they would want their daughters working as strippers.

Gayle Miller said...

I have hired a stripper (male) believe it or not (Just cause I'm OLD doesn't mean I'm DEAD!)but that doesn't mean that I would deserve the kind of calumny and unadulterated hell that those three boys were put through.

See paul, you think you know someone, eh?

Anonymous said...

That was you?

Gayle Miller said...

I didn't know YOU had a sense of humor! You dance under the name of Kane?

Anonymous said...

Kane the Dane?

Jorge from Norway?

Breed with the Swede?