Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Truly the DNA dilutes exponentially in a family like the Kennedys. There’s no other explanation for the inescapably DUMB statement by Robert Kennedy, Jr.:

STAMFORD, Conn. — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says his cousin's insistence that he is innocent of a 1975 murder was enough to convince him to investigate it himself.

Kennedy has become one of Michael Skakel's staunchest supporters as Skakel seeks to overturn his 2002 murder conviction in the fatal beating of his Greenwich Neighbor, Martha Moxley, when both were 15.

"If I thought that Michael Skakel was guilty, I would say it publicly," Kennedy said outside court Tuesday. "He's incapable of telling a lie."

Mr. Kennedy – I fully understand that you love your cousin and want to support him, but IF Michael Skakel is guilty of MURDER (and a jury says that he is), why would he draw the line at telling a convenient LIE?


Anonymous said...

IF I remember this case, wasn't the main evidence that he claimed to have committed the murder during a group therapy session?

I noticed it then because the legal question was interesting: does confidentiality between patient and psyciatrist apply if other patients are in the room?

So, if he doesn't lie ...

Gayle Miller said...

Good question and I don't even remember if it was ever answered.

I believe that the law in most venues is that if someone says they are GOING to commit a crime, the psychiatrist or psychologist is required to notify the authorities. But in this case, I don't know.

Again, good question - if he doesn't lie - so which one IS the lie?

Anonymous said...

Again, if I remember right, the courts ended up ruling the presence of other patients broke any confidentialitly expectation, and the testimony was admitted.

Of course you're right, if someone is planning to commit a violent crime at a certain level, not only is the testimony allowed, I believe the caretaker is REQUIRED to report to communication.